Hannah wanted to know Shardae’s story.

The year was 2006 and Hannah was obsessed with stories. Every opportunity that she got, she asked people deep, personal questions. Sometimes they were open to that, and sometimes they were a bit freaked out. Shardae was a mixture of both. She met Hannah one late Thursday evening. She was already a bit nervous to meet Hannah because Shardae had been dating Hannah’s brother. That Thursday night was the first time that she was to meet any of her guy’s family, and things got a bit uncomfortable when Hannah pulled out a small recorder.

Hannah told Shardae that she was working on a personal project where she was recording the stories of women. Shardae obliged, but she was still a bit unsure. Who was this girl shoving a tape recorder in her face asking all of these personal questions? What was she doing with the tape? What did she mean she was obsessed with stories? These were all questions that Shardae would find the answers for in the years following.

It turned out that Hannah, a spoken word poet and a dynamic connector of people, really just loved learning about people and the stories of their lives. She infused the art of story-sharing into the poems that she was often commissioned to write for other people, events, and organizations. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing so that she could sharpen her skills as a writer. Throughout her career, she used writing, public speaking, and live performance to share her story and the stories of others.

Shardae married that guy, Hannah’s brother, and they had three children together. In addition to being a superstar wife and mother, throughout the years Shardae ran a successful catering and baking business. She told the stories of her family and others through food. As a business owner, she learned how to become a superstar marketer, brand manager, and graphic designer. Through it all, Shardae also completed her master’s degree and was highly sought after as a project manager and brand manager for various corporations- large and mid-sized.

Shardae and Hannah merged their shared love for stories, art, strategic communication, and more and worked together throughout the years. Along with a group of their peers, they planned and hosted one of the most successful open mic nights for close to five years in their city. They were the creative force behind many events that connected community and opened hearts and minds.

Both women have become powerhouses in their own right. While they are strong individually, they are unstoppable together. Collectively, they have created a brand that is built on story sharing, success through strategy, and sisterhood. These sisters first meeting may have been a bit strange, but it did build a foundation for them to use the entity that brought them together, as a means to connect other people to their own purpose and to each other- stories.


Hannah Hasan was gifted with a love for words and the power to express those words with heart and soul; so that she can inspire, motivate and change the world around her. As a passionate spoken word poet, a talented storyteller, and a skilled master class facilitator, Hannah is a career artist and spends her days and nights knee deep in doing the work that she loves.

Hannah obtained her Bachelor of Arts  degree from North Carolina A&T State University in 2006 and her Master of Fine Arts degree from Full Sail University in 2012. She has extensive professional experience working in programming for nonprofit organizations, social ventures, and arts based programming.

She lives in Charlotte with her husband Jamaal. Hannah is a dreamer, worker, connector, artist, speaker, performer, and lover of connecting people to the power of the shared story. 


The resident Sagittarius of Epoch Tribe – adventurous, headstrong and a natural teacher. Business and entrepreneurship focused. The technical side of the Tribe.

Lover of food, beaches, organization and the fine art of human connection.

M.Ed. Mom. Wife. Wild Woman.

Shardae loves calling Durham, NC home where she lives with her husband of 12 years, Shaheid,  and their 3 children. Catch up with her in the kitchen on IG @shardaehasan or helping Shaheid with real estate at @hasansandthehouse.

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